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Please click on the "Download Application" button below and download

the (.pdf document) the application.  Please download from your laptop or home computer!

There is NEVER a charge for our program including the dog!  

Once you have filled out the application please email it to us at:


To process your application we will need the following documentation. 

Please note: Please use a computer to print, download and email back the application.

Our application is not compatible to download via iPhone.   

  1. Application filled out completely and signed

  2. DD214

  3. VA Award Letter 

  4. Letter from the VA or other mental health provider stating your PTSD, TBI, MST diagnosis and that a service dogs will benefit you.  

Welcome to your second family

This is more than a service dog program,
this is a way of life.  A brother & Sisterhood...

First off,  I would like to to start out to personally thank you for your service to our country and for our freedom.  You wrote a blank check and now we are writing a blank check back to you in the form of 4 legs.  

We have been asked so many times "why do you do this"?  We have watched several of our close friends and family suffer greatly from military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Military Sexual Trauma as well as personally suffering from it.  We felt that the options for PTSD, TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury or MST was not working.  We had been training dogs for over 20 years and the effects of dogs on humans are astounding!  We wanted to do something more than what was available to our veterans.  

So DFW Canines for Veterans was born!


We are a small organization and our veterans like that. We are able to provide specialized one on one training.  The program is calm and relaxed never rushed.  We train at your speed.  We make sure you understand before moving on to the next phase.  We will NOT leave anyone behind! At the end of graduation your training does not have to end.  You are welcome to keep coming to training, learn how to train service dogs, puppy raise or help your fellow brothers and sisters.  


Do I qualify for a service dog though our program?

If you are a combat veteran or combat related such as, but not confined to infantry, transport, engineers, combat medic, intelligence, drone pilots, pilots, Navy Seals, special task forces. 

We do not define combat just as infantry, because there are lots of MOS's that are in,

FOB's, hot zones taking fire and/or receiving fire. Your PTSD, TBI or MST must be

service connected from military service and you must have been deployed.

MST is excluded from deployment requirement. 

If you are unsure if you qualify please contact us! 

I am approved, now what? 

Once you have been approved into our program, you will be paired up with a dog that will fit you based on your disability, needs and personality. Our Director of Training goes to GREAT lengths to pair you up with the appropriate dog to fit your personality and/or disability.  We do extensive evaluation of the dogs we select for our program.

Can I pick my own dog or request a particular breed?  No.

Exception: If you have allergies we try and find a breeder who would donate a standard poodle or other type of grooming dog.  No dog is hypoallergenic, but dogs that require grooming typically shed less. 


What breeds do you typically use?  Most of our dogs are Labradors, Golden Retrievers or mix breed dogs.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered? Yes! ALL service dogs in training MUST be spayed or neutered as we follow ADI Guidelines.

We have remained a small organization so we can offer this personalized one on one assistance.  The veteran vets in our program are on standby to help in any situation that may arise as well as our Director of Training and Sergeant at Arms. 


Can my spouse or family come to training with me?  On training days only veterans are permitted at training, due to the sensitive nature of the veterans opening up.  We have created a safe space during training to allow our veterans to open up to their fellow brothers and sisters if they choose to do so.


We do have designated family days that we encompass the entire family to ensure the veteran & service dogs success.


Can my dog be for my entire family or for me and my spouse? No. 

Service Dogs are designated to help assist one person that is disabled. 


Is my dog a family dog? Although, your service dog is a part of your family, service dogs are not family pets. 

20181104_103329 (1).jpg

I have graduated, now what? 

PTSD, TBI and MST does not go away, even with your service dog helping you.

Therefore, nor should your support with your fellow brothers & sisters! That structure you had while in the service is now gone. We have created a unique program designed for combat veterans with PTSD, TBI or MST to maintain that structure.  We strongly encourage you to stay in our program even after graduation. It is strictly optional, but 99% of our veterans stay!  We understand how important that brother & sisterhood is. 

Again, there is NO charge for staying in our program!

 Just some of the things you can help or continue to do:

Refresher or advanced training, Support from and to your brothers & sisters,

keep coming for the comradery, mentor a new veteran team,

learn to become a service dog trainer or help at training recreational

animal therapy, Attend our events for fundraising!  

We are one big family and always need and appreciate your help! 



We do not charge veterans for this service as we work and pay out of our own pockets.  

We also receive donations from companies and people who want to sponsor.

We also do lots of fundraising events!


DFW Canines for Veterans is a 501c3 non profit organization 

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